How To Be BraveDo you want to be brave?

Here are five things that you can do to become braver.

1. Try something new every day.Staying at home in your comfortable sofa watching the same TV program every day does not make you brave. Decide to do at least one new thing that you have never done before every day. Go to a new restaurant, take a different route back home from work, read a new book, talk to a person you have never spoken to before… Widen your horizons and become an explorer.

2. Practice doing scary things. The more you practice doing things that you are afraid of, the less scary they will get. If you are afraid of making phone calls to people who you don’t know very well, practice doing it until it feels easier. If you feel anxious when you speak in your second language (or third language if you are bilingual), speak this language more often. Courage is not to never feel fear, but to feel fear and do it anyway.

3. Visualise yourself as brave. In order to reach any goal you need to know what your goal is. Therefore, in order to become brave you need to know how that new “brave you” would be like. How would you look, how would you speak, what would you do, how would you feel and what would your body posture be like?

4. Pretend that you already are super-brave. Pretending to be something is like practicing being that. When you pretend that you are brave your brain will assume that you are already brave and you will start to get used to being this kind of person. To make it easier you can set a certain time to do this. How about going to the supermarket as a super-brave person? Or how about being super-brave at your next meeting at work?

5. Give yourself credit when you do something brave. It does not matter how many brave deeds you do unless you acknowledge yourself for doing these. Each time you do something despite of your fear you should celebrate yourself (give yourself a treat or do something pleasant) or at least tell yourself “well done”. This will encourage you to continue to be brave in the future.



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